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My ApproachI am variously an enabler, a catalyst, a teacher, a coach, a mentor, a facilitator and a new pair of eyes and ears.

I make no assumptions about your potential or limitations so I listen very carefully and absorb your needs, values and aspirations.

I trust my instincts, skills, experience and intelligence as tools that can help you to be successful. I also have a huge (and growing) toolbox of methods and ideas to share. I love to learn, and I draw on a wide variety of sources to find ideas that really work.

I believe in working in partnership along the path towards your success, although you must take your own decisions and make your own commitment to action. This means that in the end everything that you achieve belongs completely to you.

I like to have some fun along the way. I like to ask questions that cause you to think and see things in new ways. I have a heart as well as a brain and get passionate about what I do whilst maintaining objectivity and professionalism.

I thrive on seeing people create much better futures for themselves, and especially during those “light bulb” moments when they suddenly see, feel or understand things in a new way.

My approach is holistic and most importantly, is focussed around your goals and values. It is after all, your business.

It has been described as "a personal trainer for business".

I find that most people love what they do. They provide amazing services. But they don’t necessarily fully understand how to run their business, and they think something must be wrong with them personally.

Nothing’s wrong with them! It’s just that no one has ever taught them what to do!

The old model of business is “work hard and get people to buy your stuff.” The new model is Authenticity, Service and Wealth.

When you learn to create your business in the new model, people thank you for being successful. They thank you for who you are and what you’ve created. (You get to thank them too!)


Your business can be successful based on a combination of optimizing factors.  The end result will be more income for you.  Success is that simple.  I believe that the following factors are crucial for a successful business:

Cultivating Relationships

Business is all about relationships.  The success of your business depends on how you form and maintain relationships with others.  This includes your co-owners, employees, and customers.  Business owners often overlook how central this factor is and forget to emphasize it with their employees.  I will help you evaluate the personal dynamics of your work environment and how they are affecting your business, and provide a new plan for successful communication that includes employee management and customer service skills.

Optimizing Confidence

The biggest barrier to the growth of your business can be your own fear.  Personal fears can be both rational and irrational, commonly existing around issues such as being good enough, selling yourself, and indecision about giving your business the time and commitment that is needed for its growth.  These fears need to be addressed in order for your confidence, and your business, to grow.  I will help you identify personal barriers that hold you back in the marketing of your business and teach you new skills so that you can promote yourself and your business with confidence.

Identifying Your Niche

Your strengths and talents are why people frequent your business.  Rather than just existing in a competitive market, learn to identify and focus on what makes you and your business unique so that you can stand out above others.  I will help you realize your unique strengths and develop a custom-designed marketing plan that includes speaking about your business confidently in order to create desire.

Keeping a Pulse on Marketplace Trends

Even successful businesses become complacent over time.  The perception of your business as being stale or stagnant is not what you want your customer to walk away with.  You can maintain your niche and make changes that lend a fresh tone to your business at the same time.  I will help you learn to conduct market research to keep up with new trends in order to appeal to new customers and create reasons for your existing customers to continue coming back.

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