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Project Management

Project ManagementAreas of Project Management Where I can provide My Services

1.         Project Consultancy 

A.        Project Development should cover following aspects :
  1. Project Conceptualization
  2. Project Architecture including
    • Functional Architecture
    • Technology Architecture
    • Process Architecture
    • People Architecture
    • Resource Architecture
  3. Designing  solutions around COTS (Commercial off the shelf)/Enterprise applications
  4. Preparation of Business Models, and Service Level Agreements
  5. Preparation of RFPs and tender documents
  6. Bid Process Management
B.         Technology Consultancy will be in following areas :
  1. Enterprise Architecture
    • Security Architecture design and audit
  2. Standards
  3. Service Oriented Architecture
  4. Information Security
  5. Large Database

2.         Project Implementation Support

  1. Project Management including setting up of Project Management Units
  2. Project monitoring and evaluation
  3. SLA monitoring
  4. Legal frameworks
  5. Issue Management
  6. Project appraisals (mid-term)

3.         Post Project Implementation Support

  1. Project Evaluation and Appraisal
  2. Conducting Security Audit
  3. Conducting Application audit
  4. Undertaking Quality Assurance activities
  5. Conducting assessment of Projects adopting  the EAF framework

4.         Research and Analysis

  1. Assessment of Socio-economic impact of ICT initiatives
  2. Identification of leading Technologies for use in solution design
  3. Study and assessment of large e Government implementations
  4. Adoption of Open standards
  5. ICT for development
  6. Preparation of case studies
  7. Preparation of literature / brochures etc. on e-Governance initiatives
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