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We are dedicated group of Business Professionals who meet weekly with the sole purpose of creating new business for each other through referral and recommendation.

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My Profile

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BGT Info Solutions
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Owner (2007-Today)
Information Technology, Management, Green Energy and Project Consultant (Website :
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Owner (2014-Today)
Project and CSR Consultant to NGOs (Websites :,, and

Federation of Entrepreneurs
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Secretary (Founder) (2018-Today)
Organisation for Entrepreneurs (Website :

Cerebral Palsy Sports Federation
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
President (Founder) (2018-Today)
Sports Organisation for Cerebral Palsy Players (Website :

Para Sports Federation
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Secretary (Founder) (2018-Today)
Sports Organisation for Para Players (Website :

Cerebral Palsy Sports Association India
West Zone Incharge(2018-Today)
Sports Organisation for Cerebral Palsy Players

Tero Foundation
Jercy City, New Jercy, USA
President – Indian Operations (2015-Today)
Philanthropic Organisation (Website :

Real Natural Fruits Juices Pvt.Ltd.
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Executive Director (2009-2016)
Upcoming projects for Coconut Water, Fruit Juices, Organic Farming, AgriTorism, Green Energy.

Pentaforce Software Solutions Pvt.Ltd.
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Chief Technical Officer & Executive Director (2004- Today)
Company is dealing in Integrated Software, Hardware and Embedded Solutions. (Website :

Presha Softwares
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Owner (1992-2007)
Company is dealing in Software & Computers

Indian Fashion
New Delhi,
Chief Executive Officer & Founder Director (2004- 2005)
Information Technology Initiative for Indian Handicraft and Indian fashion. (Web portal was launched in collaboration with Textile Department, Government of India. Now closed)

New Global Indian
Pune, Maharashtra
Chief Project Coordinator (2007- 2008)
International Magazine for Global Indians

ICONS Media & I-Square.
New Delhi
Chief Technical Officer (2004- 2005)
Media Consultant to Government Departments and International NGOs.

Ansh Synergies.
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Consultant and Adviser (2003-2015)
Media Service Provider to Government Departments.

Presha Tradelink Pvt.Ltd.
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director (2002-2005)
Company was dealing in Integrated Software and Hardware Solutions.

Dovetron Electronics & Marketing Pvt.Ltd.
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Chairman & Managing Director (1987- 2003)
Company was dealing in Computers, Peripherals, Software & Non-Conventional Energy Systems.

Innovative International Institute
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Director (1985-2000)
Company was dealing in Computer and Management training, Computerised Job-Works and Software Development

Excel Exim Pvt. Ltd
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Executive Director (1988-1990)
Company was dealing in Computers, Peripherals, Software and related products

Sigma Electric & Engg. Co.
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Marketing Manager (1981-1986)
Company was dealing in Automation, Electronics, Electric, and such Products.

Sahara India Ltd.
Lukhnow, Uttarpradesh
Branch Development Officer (Gujarat Region) (1981)
Savings & Investment Co.

Diners Club (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Sales Executive (1979-1981) (Ahmedabad)
A Credit Card Organization

Electron Brain Systems
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Proprietor (1979-1985)
Computer and Management Consultancy, Training, Software Development


Government Polytechnic
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Member of Advisory Committee (2007-Today)

Indian Association of Para Sports Organisations
New Delhi
Treasurer (2016-2018)
Association of Organisations working in the field of Para-Sports in India

The Society for Physically Handicapped, Ahmedabad
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
ICT Consultant, Adviser and Chief Coordinator (1994-2018)
NGO for Physically Handicapped people having 3 Vocational Training Centers, State Authorised Sports Organisation (Website :

International Journal of Computer Science and Network
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Reviewer Board Member (2012-Today)
A Scholarly Peer Reviewed and High Quality Journal (Website :

Bharatiya Prgna Chakshu Gurukul
Porbandar, Gujarat
Consultant and Adviser (2011-Today)
NGO working in the field of Visually Impaired and Physically Challenged persons (Website :

Namaste Life
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Consultant and Adviser (2011-Today)
NGO Involved In Creating Positive And Preventive Health Awareness Through Healthcare Programs and Activities (Website :

Bhagini Niketan
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Consultant and Adviser (2011-Today)
NGO working in the field of women activities and Mentally challenged children (Website :

Anand Education Trust
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
ICT Consultant (1994-2010)
NGO having 3 Schools, 3 Colleges, 2 Distance Education Centres and 1 Hostel

Sharada Education Trust
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
ICT Consultant (2001-2010)
NGO having 2 Schools

Centre for Human Resource Development
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
ICT Consultant (2004-2011)
NGO- working in Different areas of Human Resource Development in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Assam in collaboration with Government.

Vijay Travels
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Management & Computer Consultant (1994-2010)
Company is one of the largest Taxi operator of the State and having contract for Exam activities of Secondary Education Board, Universities and Government Departments.

Shree Shesh Finlease Pvt. Ltd.
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Management & Computer Consultant (1994-2005)
An NBFC Organisation

Swaminarayan Gurukul
Vaghodiya, Nr. Vadidara, Gujarat
Computer Consultant (1994-Today)
Gurukul and School

Swaminarayan Gurukul
Zundal, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Computer Consultant (1992-1995)
Gurukul and School

Ankur Electronics.
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Management Consultant (1982-1990)

Government Polytechnic
Gandhinagar, Gujarat
Visiting Faculty Member (1994-1996)

Government Polytechnic
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Visiting Faculty Member (1995-1996)

Apang Manav Mandal
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Chief of Computer Department & Faculty Member (1994-1996)
NGO for Physically handicapped having 3 Schools and 4 Vocational Training Centres

Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Computer Consultant (1987-1992)
A Religious Organisation



Hundreds of Projects / Programs developed during last 35 years in BASIC, COBOL, Pascal, C, C++, C#, Visual Basic, Visual C++, FoxPro, dBase, Clipper, Lotus 1-2-3, Excel, Visual FoxPro, Java, Servlets, Beans, PHP, Perl, Python, HTML, DHTML, JSP, ASP, cHTML, XML, VRML, JavaScript, Assemblers, Oracle on variety of platforms like DOS, Windows, Unix, Linux for the application of Business, Networking, Internet, Intranet, Scientific applications and such other…

Most of the Softwares were developed for the specific purpose and on specific demand of my clients.


P. G. Diploma in Business & Industrial Management (1984)
Ahmedabad Productivity Council
Ahmedabad, Gujarat

P. G. Diploma in Industrial Engineering & Management (1984)
Ahmedabad Productivity Council
Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Associate of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (Asso.I.Mech.E.I.) (1979)
Institution of Mechanical Engineers (India)
Mumbai, Maharashtra


Author of 7 E-Books More Info

  • Data Recovery
  • Computer and Internet Security
  • Accounting
  • Blogging
  • Vegetarian
  • Yoga
  • Go Cashless—A Journey to Digital Payments

10 Engineering Text-Books More Info

  • DBMS Lab Manual
  • JAVA Lab Manual
  • OOAD and UML Lab Manual 
  • Business Information Systems
  • e-Commerce and e-Business
  • Data and File Structures
  • InfoTech Projects Part-I
  • InfoTech Projects Part-II
  • Fundamentals of Management
  • Introduction to Principles of Management

Also working on few more e-books on – Fundraising for NGOs, NGO Management, Identity Theft, VOIP, Bluetooth Technology, Operating Systems, Six Sigma, Meditation, Reiki, Printing Estimates and few other subjects.


Assisted few Industries for their Business Growth by SWOT Analysis, Business Analytics, Project Consultancy, Venture Capital and Fund Management.
As a Capacity of CEO of BGT Info Solutions.

Arranged and handled more than 80 seminars and workshops in Gujarat for NGOs during 2015-16 in collaboration with different Govt. Departments and NGOs, and trained about 6000 NGO Executives from all over Gujarat on different subjects like CSR and NGOs, Government Grant Schemes and NGOs, Fundraising, NGO Management and such other.
As a Capacity of CEO of and BGT Info Solutions.

Visited more than 100 Villages and talked with Gramshabhas in Villages of Gujarat for Village Development Programs by Tero Foundation, USA During 2015-16.
As a Capacity of President-Indian Operations of Tero Foundation, USA.

Handled Software Training – 20 Software training programs for Social Defense Department, Government of Gujarat, (NSAP Software)
As a Capacity of CEO of BGT Info Solutions

Arranged, Handled and Executed One of the largest Game Event for Physically Handicapped People for consecutive 7 years (2011-17) – Khel Mahakumbh 2011 to Khel Mahakumbh 2017, arranged state-wide game events in all the 26 (now 33) districts of Gujarat state. These were the largest and greatest sports event in Indian sports scenario. It has a largest participation from all over Gujarat (more than 18 Lakhs in 2011, 21 Lakhs in 2012, 29 Lakhs in 2013 and 32 Lakhs in 2014 and 2015), from all age groups, from all different walks of life. I have proud to be a part of the event as a chief coordinator of KhelMahakumbh 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 for Orthopedically handicapped people. I had travelled every nook and corner of the State (all 33 dists) in a very short span and motivated OH people and NGOs of Gujarat to participate in the event. I have organized few seminars, personal meetings as well as NGOs meetings across the Gujarat. This has resulted in a tremendous and remarkable participation of more than 22000 OH persons in 2011, and 24000 OH persons in 2012, 2013, 2014 2015, 2016 and 2017 from all over Gujarat.
As a Capacity of Chief Coordinator of The Society for Physically Handicapped, Ahmedabad.

Design and development of Visitor Management System at
Mazagaon Dock Ltd., Mumbai, a Defence Organization
As a capacity of Chief Technical Officer of Pentaforce Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Conceptualized, Executed, Implemented and still undergoing Many Projects as a Capacity of Chief Technical Officer of Pentaforce Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and as capacity of Owner of BGT Info Solutions : Some of the Projects are :

  • ERP for Printing Industry
  • Hospital Management System (Electronic Health Record System)
  • School Information System
  • Customer Relationship Management System
  • Web ERP for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
  • Visitor Management System
  • Association Operations Management System
  • Hotel Management System
  • Club Management System
  • Point of Sale System

Design and development of Association Operations Management System
For Maharshtra Sales tax Practitioners Association
As a capacity of Chief Technical Officer of Pentaforce Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Arranged and handled 22 seminars with exhibitions and workshops in Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan and Gujarat for Handicraft Artisans in collaboration with different Govt. Departments and NGOs, and trained about 2000 Artisans from all over India on "How to use Information Technology for the Benefits of Indian Handicrafts and Indian Fashion"
As a Capacity of CEO of Indian Fashion and CTO of ICONS Media.

Prepared a Research Report on "Use of ICT for Indian Handicrafts and Indian Artisans"
As a Capacity of CEO of Indian Fashion and CTO of ICONS Media.

Co-directed a Movie (Documentary) on "Information and Communication Technology and Indian Handicrafts and Artisans" also assisted in Script-writing in English, Hindi and Gujarati for the same Documentary.
As a Capacity of CEO of Indian Fashion and CTO of ICONS Media.

Prepared Brochure and Literatures for

  • IndextB, Gujarat Government.
  • Gujarat State Finance Corpn. Ltd., Gujarat
  • Gujarat Narmada Velly Fertiliser Corpn. Ltd., Gujarat
  • Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Ltd., Gujarat
  • Kandala Port Trust, Gujarat
  • Forest & Tourism Department, Union Territory of Dadara and Nagar Haveli

As a Capacity of Consultant to Ansh Synergies for their associate Kalpana Publicity.

Member of Advisory Committee of Government Polytechnic Ahmedabad, Gujarat,
As a capacity of Individual.